Cartoon-Serie mit finaler Staffel

She-Ra. Am 15. Mai erschien die letzte Staffel von She-Ra and the Princesses of Power, dem Remake des Klassikers aus den 80ern. Der verdiente Abschluss einer großartigen Serie. 

This one’s for the pop punk lovers
Jetzt auf den Streamingdiensten Eures Vertrauens: All Time Lows achtes Studioalbum ist da! Bild: leda

Rezension. Die vierköpfige Pop-Punk Band ist mittlerweile schon legendär in der Szene – und versüßt Fans nach drei Jahren Wartezeit nun die Kontaktsperre mit ihrem neuen Album.


I like big books and I cannot lieeee
‘‘Little Women’’: Originally from the late 19th century and newly adapted in 2019, but its original charm remains. Bild: leda

REVIEW. A book, beloved by generations. Several film adaptations, the last one from late 2019. Four girls turning into women and taking you with them.

Mental Health, Sexuality, Self-Love – and Music
A mixture of collaborations and brutal honesty: Halsey reflects on herself and her life in ‘‘Manic’’. Picture: leda

Review. The US-American singer and songwriter Halsey opens up in her third album ‘‘Manic’’ – and shows honest lyrics and great musical collaborations.

We few, we happy few, we band of brothers?
Timothée Chalamet as Henry V: “The King” is based on Shakespeare’s trilogy about the English king. Bild: leda

Review. Netflix releases a new movie that covers the plot of three Shakespeare plays — with a new interpretation of the works?