Keeping track with the latest developments in the undergoing impeachment inquiry against Donald Trump is tough, especially if you‘re not up with the latest news in US politics. That‘s why Vox launched the podcast Impeachment, Explained. What‘s behind the vaguely worded constitutional statute of “high crimes and misdemeanors”, under which the president is likely to be charged by the House of Representatives? Who are Bill Taylor, Mick Mulvaney, Ambassador Sondland and how are Republicans shifting the conversation in order to defend their president, even as new and increasingly damning revelations come to light? Impeachment, Explained does as the title suggests: It explains all of it and gives historical contexts, legal explanations and political backgrounds. Hosted by Ezra Klein, each episode of the podcast is divided into two parts. The first in which the latest developments are summarized and the second, in which the process of impeachment itself is explained. Accompanied by a fierce and eloquent defense of democratic values, the podcast is a must-listen for anyone interested in one of the most relevant geopolitical stories of the day.