:bsz-International: To the Point: Trash

Trash: Anything useless that should be thrown into a rubbish bin – don’t litter! Basically a worthless piece of junk that you simply chuck out. Though if you thoughtlessly did that with toxic or radioactive waste you might end up with some really interesting results …

Acting responsibly is always important. Remember: If you trash something you destroy it and turn it into waste. That’s also why trash talk hurts so much: You put someone else verbally down until they feel like garbage. It’s derogatory and discouraging so it’s often used in sports, politics or even comedy. Trash doesn’t have to be tangible, it can also refer to a foolish idea or a worthless concept.

But maybe you just don’t get the artistic value of a piece of art and it’s only to you that it looks crappy. The German expression “Ist das Kunst oder kann das weg?” (literally: Is this art or can I throw it out?) makes fun of this concept. Then again, the English know a similar proverb: One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.